Just in time for summer - exercise!

Even though diet is the most important factor in weight loss the role of exercise cannot be minimized. A few pointers : To achieve weight loss 450 minutes of exercise a week is necessary. To maintain the weight loss you have achieved at least 300 minutes a week of physical activity is required. Planks as said in the article are a great way to build core strength. Start with 30 seconds and build up to 180 seconds or more if possible. Side planks are one oft overlooked core strengthening exercise. Check your weight couple of times a week if you are trying to lose weight. Accountability is important in your weight loss journey. Keeping a food diary or using one of the online apps like

Physicians leaving profession over EHRs

EHR was supposed to improve patient care and make work easier for physicians. As a solo practitioner, all it has done for me is increase work load and decrease productivity. For every 10 - 15 minute patient encounter, I spend another 4 to 5 minutes on the desktop checking off boxes to meet the impossible government requirements. The increased clerical burden is not only time consuming but mostly non reimbursable. It adds another "hidden" work week. The biggest problem in forcing EHR and collection of data on to physicians has been the lack of interoperability between different EHRs. Physicians are forced to provide data for value based initiatives when the data is not readily available. Even


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