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Practical weight loss tips.

Losing weight and keeping it off requires commitment and hard work. Setting a goal is easy. Creating a system that you will follow is the difficult part.

Here are some tips to do just that.

  1. Visualize your goal. Write your goal down. Paste it on the refrigerator, on the mirror, on your phone, on a sticky on the computer.

  2. Write down all the reasons for the goal. Be it to feel more alive, have more energy, have a better quality of life, feel more confident, look better etc.

  3. Carve time out for meal prep and exercise. Just as you will prepare for an exam or an interview, prepare for your weight loss journey. If you can spare 30 minutes for exercise write the exact time down. Have your sneakers, gym clothes, water bottle ready for the day. If you plan to exercise as soon as you wake up, make sure to have the sneakers and gym clothes set out the night before. The easier you make it to follow the routine the higher the chances are of following through.

  4. Plan your menu for the week and shop accordingly. You will save time, money and reduce wastage. Clean, cut and marinate the produce for individual servings. This will make throwing a meal together on a busy week night much easier. Alternatively, you can cook and keep for 3-4 days on Sunday and save time on weeknights.

  5. Enlist the help of friends, family, colleagues in your weight loss journey. On days you feel unmotivated a friend can encourage you to stick to the exercise, or to skip the ice cream sundae.

  6. Reward yourself every day after exercise and a healthy meal. Say “Well done “to yourself, just as you would encourage your partner or friend. Treat yourself to a book or a movie after you have attained specific goals.

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